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Burd St. Nyack NY

The Pilgrim Baptist Church is a church moving forward in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. It’s mission is to cater to the needs of a dying world by prayer, service and outreach. It is a church family built on the principles of Jesus Christ, embedded in love.


Church History

In the year of our Lord, 1875 the Spirit of God Inspired Rev. Charles Mayo, Mr. & Mrs. Travis Armstead and Mrs. Kassie Whines to organize the Pilgrim Baptist Church. Services were held over a carriage shop on Burd Street In Nyack, NY. In 1903, Rev. John Robinson became the Shepherd of Pilgrim’s flock. His leadership lead the congregation to purchase a church building at 187 Main Street in Nyack, NY. 

IN 1938, Rev. W. C.  Taylor became pastor and lead the church by the Grace of God to a summit of hope. With the church growing at an astounding rate, a new edifice was necessary to meet the needs of the growing congregation. In 1955, A Church building was found at Franklin Street and High Avenue. Plans and negotiations began, and on the first Sunday in May of 1960, Rev. Taylor and the congregation marched into the new building. 

On May 26, 1980 by vote of the membership, Rev . O. T. Moore, Jr. was called to pastor the Pilgrim Baptist Church.

Following his leadership, in 1990 the membership unanimously elected Rev. Willie L. Hairston from Mount Nebo Baptist Church, New York City as it's new spiritual leader. Under Rev. Hairston’s leadership, the church continued to grow as a staple in the Nyack community, growing numerous ministries and outreach programs as well as  having completed another renovation of the building to further accommodate a growing congregation (2001).

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